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Newest 2020 edition of the Journal Citation Report (JCR) has been released
[Notices] 2020-07-02

The Journal Citation Reports has released 2019 data. (The 2020 data will be available in the 2021 JCR release.)

Key highlights for 2020:

  1. The journals selected for inclusion:
    • This year’s edition includes more than 12,000 journals from 83 countries across five continents and 236 research categories in the sciences and social sciences. More than 1,600 journals are fully open access.
    • 351 journals have been added to the JCR this year – 178 of which are fully open access.

  2. Objectivity in journal selection:
    • Clarivate has suppressed 33 journals from the JCR this year to support the integrity of the reports, representing 0.27% of the journals listed. The JCR monitors and excludes journals that demonstrate anomalous citation behavior including where there is evidence of excessive journal self-citation and citation stacking.
    • In addition, an Editorial Expression of Concern has been issued for 15 journals with one or more published items with an atypically high-value contribution to the JIF numerator and a pattern of journal citations disproportionately concentrated into the JIF numerator.
    • The titles of 33 suppressed journals and 15 Editorial Expressions of Concern journals are as  follows.
      2020 JCR-1 2020 JCR-2


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