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Happy New Semester! Let's borrow books!
[Events] 2021-02-22

Part 1: Early Bird Gift
During the 3/2-3/12 event, the first one who borrows books (not limited to the number of books) from the library will receive one coffee capsule in the top 10 (not repeated daily).

Part 2: Borrowing 5 books (including) can take a sentence card.
Please complete the sentence, and fill in the personal information of the sentence card. After giving the Information Desk for stamping, tear up the lucky raffle ticket and put it into the lucky raffle box.
After the event, the 30 winners of the NT$100 gift card will be selected and announced on the library website.
*One gift card per winner only, will not be repeated.

202103 Let's borrow books!

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