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RG Challenge have started. Welcome to join the event!
[Events] 2021-03-03

2021 RG challenge

RG Challenge begins.
Welcome to the participation of the full-time faculty and researcher of TMU and attending physicians!

《Event Duration》

  • March 1, 2021- June 18, 2021

《Event Method》

  1. Please register by the end of March and submit your RG score with screenshots to prove (including dates).
  2. Please present the final RG scores with screenshots to prove (including dates) from June14 to June 18 2021.
  3. The library is available to provide counseling if participants have any questions related to enhance your RG Score during the event.
  4. The results will be announced on the library website on June 24 2021.


Introduction Video Clip (Mandarin) RG Challenge: Method of Participation
Introduction Video Clip (English) RG Challenge: Method of Participation


  • Winners are responsible for sharing their operational practices with the library’s presentation events.
  • The library retains the right to modify its events.
  • For inquiries or further details, please contact Ms. Hsiao. Ext.: 2523

Contact Information
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