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Share Our Hub Research Visibility Promoter Competition
[Events] 2021-12-24


Thank you for participating in "Share Our Hub" event, the list of the winners as following...

《Recommend Yourself》
First Prize 103278 郭O榮
Second Prize 107127 李O達
Third Prize 171016 李O儒

《Recommend Others》
First Prize 108070 鄭O熏
Second Prize 107147 蕭O方
Third Prize 103167 林O儀

《Young Students》
First Prize D537108007 Utoomporn O
Second Prize D142108015 Nguyen O Minh
Third Prize D508109003 Pham O Thu

《College Students》
First Prize B210110018 何O宇
Second Prize O401109007 廖O玘
Third Prize B313110049 黃O維


  1. We will contact the winners for related information via Email, please reply the email before 29 December.
  2. Feel free to contact with any further questions.

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