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Discussion Rooms

  • TMU Library: Discussion Room TMU Library: Discussion Room

Starting from 2009 fall semester, TMU Library followed the concept of learning commons to set up some projectors in the medium and large discussion rooms as the “presentation practice room” to provide multifunctional discussion space.

  • Depending on the size of the Discussion Room, it can accommodate four to six or eight users, details of the room are as follows:
  Small Medium Large
 Location 2F 2F 3F
 Room number #2, #4 #1, #3 #5, #6
 Projector x v Only #5
 Capacity 4 persons 6 persons 8 persons
 Minimum number of user 3 persons 5 persons 7 persons

How to book or reserve the discussion room?

  1. Visit Information Desk.
  2. Fill in applicants’ TMU student ID number in the booking date and time field.
  3. Leave applicants’ student ID cards (minimum user number of each discussion room) with the Information Desk to borrow a room.


  • Reservations may be made up to one week in advance.
  • Discussion rooms may be scheduled for three hours per day on weekdays, two and a half hours on the weekends.
  • Do not exceed the time allotted for each session.
  • The length of these sessions may be extended if no other patrons are waiting to use a room. Reservations for the next session may start during the last ten minutes of a reserved session.
  • Reserved rooms will be held 15 minutes beyond the reservation time. A vacated room will be considered unused after 15 minutes and assigned to the next group.
  • Reserved rooms may not be transferred to other patrons or change the allotted time without permission from library staff.
  • Please keep noise to a reasonable level.
  • Never leave valuables unattended.

Related Document: Regulations for the Use of Discussion Rooms TMU Library Regulations for the Use of Discussion Rooms (pdf)


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