Guidelines for Thesis/Dissertation Submission.

Steps & Questions

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  Document preparation

1. Graduate Thesis Certification,
2. Graduate Student Thesis Publication Agreement
3. Graduate Thesis Defense Confidentiality Agreement

→Video Clip: Guidelines for Thesis/Dissertation Submission

  1st visit library Come to library for stamping “Graduate Student Thesis Publication Agreement”
Step 1 Convert your Thesis/Dissertation to PDF file

You can save your Word document as a PDF file, or convert by PDF editor, such as Adobe Acrobat, Pdf Creator, etc.

**We have installed Adobe Acrobat in all computers of Information retrieval area on the 3rd floor.

Click to learn How to convert (p.4-8)

→Video Clip: Document Preparation(Step1~3)

Step 2 Add TMU watermark in PDF file

The TMU watermark is required to be added to the Electronic version of thesis/dissertation file.

Click to learn How to attach the watermark (p.9-11)

Click to download TMU watermark

Step 3 Set PDF security

After attaching the watermark, you have to set up the security in your PDF as "Password Security".

DO NOT select Require a password to open the document.

Click to learn How to set the security (p.12-13)

Step 4 Where should I submit my thesis/Dissertation?

Connect to Electronic Thesis/Dissertations Service System

Click to ETDS System

Where should I click to login?

There is the link named "論文提交(Login)" at the left side of ETDS homepage.
You have to use your student's ID and school email password to enter the submission page.
You can switch to English at the login page.

Click to Login page ( First English letter must be lowercase )

How can I submit my thesis/dissertation?

We provide English version of ETDS in July 2015, you can read and follow our instruction file step by step.

Click to Download Instruction file ( p. 14-24)

Step 5 How long will my submission be approved? It would takes 3 days to review the application and please wait for further notification.
Where can I download e-Thesis Authorization Form? When your submission is completed and approved, you will recieve an email notification. Print and sign the authorized agreement which is attached to notification.
Step 6 2nd
visit library
What should I bring for library? Please bring ONE copy of Hardcover thesis/dissertation and the signed e-Thesis Authorization Form (attached to the notification message)
Where should I do the school-leaving procedures? Go to the Circulation Desk(on the 2nd floor), and give us a copys of Hardcover thesis/dissertation and one signed e-Thesis Authorization Form.

Who can help me if I have questions about submitting my thesis/dissertation?

You can ask the Reference Desk (on the 3rd floor), or contact the librarian as follow:

Librarian: Miss Hsu, 2736-1661 ext:2519,
Reference Desk, 2736-1661 ext:2515,

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