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[Fwd] Webinar: Publication Ethics and Research Integrity in Science
[Events] 2022-05-05


May 11, 2022 

3 p.m. CEST

2 hour

About the webinar

Breaking publishing ethics can impact the reputations of researchers, and the ramifications can be extensive. In this workshop, we will discuss about research integrity in science, the expected standards from researchers in creating manuscripts, and scientific misconducts to avoid. From a publisher perspective, we will highlight the ethical practice for authors and reviewers, the ethics checking systems in use, and what researchers will need to ensure their manuscript and actions are ethically sound. Prof Roderick Bates, the Research Integrity Officer at Nanyang Technological University, will discuss about how research integrity is promoted on a diverse campus, as well as his experience in resolving disputes and handling allegation.

Host by Elsevier

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