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111-2”Pick Me!”集點活動
[Events] 2023-02-15

202303-06 PickMe! Award Program

Welcome to participate in library events, collect 10 points to draw NT$2000.

【抽獎日期 Lucky draw Date】
12:15 pm, 31 May 2023

【抽獎獎項 Prize】

  • 2,000元現金共3名
    欲參加現金抽獎者,請於2023/5/30 22:00前 將集點卡投入抽獎箱
  • NT$2,000 for 3 people
    Please drop the card into the lucky draw box before 22:00 on 30 May 2023.

【集點活動參加方式 How】

  1. 請至北醫大圖書館/萬芳醫院圖書室/雙和圖書館各館的綜合服務台拿取集點卡
    Please visit the Library Information Desk on the 2F of the Comprehensive Medical Building/TMUWFH Library/TMUSH Library to pick up the Reward Card.

  2. 參加可集點的活動以獲取點數/印章
    Participate in related events to earn points.

  3. 看兌獎機或本則公告獲取各項獎品所需要點數/印章資訊
    Please refer to the information announced on the prize redemption machine or the library website on the number of points required for each prize.

  4. 集滿所需點數/印章後,至北醫大二樓綜合服務台換取特定獎項兌獎QR Code或投入抽獎箱
    After collecting the required points, visit the Information Desk on the 2F to redeem the QR code for a specific prize or drop it into the lucky draw box.

【注意事項 Please Note】

  1. 集點卡不得兌換現金,一張限換一次,戳章不得重複使用。
    The rewards card cannot be exchanged for cash, one card can only be exchanged once, and stamps cannot be reused.
  2. 本活動戳章贈送及贈品兌換,僅限北醫大圖書館。
    The gift of stamps and redemption for this event is only available at the TMU Library.

  3. 戳章不足恕無法兌換,集點卡遺失、損壞恕無法補發及另補戳章。
    Stamps that are insufficient cannot be redeemed, and lost or damaged collection points cannot be reissued and stamped again.
  4. 活動逾期、集點卡影印、非本館專用之戳章,戳章模糊無法辨識等,則該活動資格無效。
    Overdue events, photocopies of reward cards, the stamp is not exclusive to the TMU Library, the stamp is blurred and cannot be recognized, etc., will not be valid for the event.
  5. 贈品以本館現場實物為準,不可指定,數量有限送完為止。
    Gifts are subject to the actual product on site in the library, and cannot be specified. Quantities are limited and available while supplies last.
  6. 贈品若非瑕疵品恕不接受退貨或更換,本館保留更換贈品之權利。
    Gifts will not be accepted for return or exchanged if they are not defective. The TMU Library reserves the right to replace gifts.

  7. 活動戳章僅適用於該活動期間,限北醫大圖書館使用。
    The event stamp is only applicable during the event period and is limited to the use of the TMU Library.

  8. 因限量品或其他不可抗力因素,本館保留活動變動之權利。
    Due to limited quantities or other factors, the TMU Library reserves the right to change the event.

【本週兌獎機獎項 PikeMe! Award】
↓↓ Last updated: 2023-07-06 
'PickMe!' Prizes: Xinyi Campus


↓↓ Last updated: 2023-07-06

'PickMe!' Prizes: Shuangho Campus

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