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Online Training: Web of Science Essentials (Jul 21)
[Training] 2022-07-12


Title: Web of Science Essentials
Date: Thursday, July 21, 2022 
Time: 10:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Location: Webex Meeting Room

Our Web of Science Essentials live training will equip you with the tips and tricks necessary to kick start your journey of discovery. Our trainers will explain how to navigate the platform and ensure you are using Clarivate tools in the most optimal way to power your research journey.

  • Why is the Web of Science important to me? A quick introduction to the key features of the Web of Science platform and why your discovery starts here.
  • Let the Web of Science work for you: Personalisation and benefits.
  • How do I begin? Launch a query and learn more about searching tips.
  • Not obtaining the results you expect and need to re- craft your query? Learn how to quickly edit your query.
  • Learn how to uncover major themes of a topic with Refine and Analyse results.
  • Want to read the paper in full? Learn about the Open Access routes and Full Text Options.
  • Need the PDF? How to use Endnote Click and obtain the best available PDF.• Is my discovery going far enough? How to run the most exhaustive search technique with the Citation Network.
  • How are the Cited References useful for the Authors? Learn about Enriched Cited References
  • Keeping watch on specific papers? Learn how to manage references important to you with the marked list.
  • I need the data for my own purposes: Learn more about export options and custom your own bibliographic export.
  • Sharing queries with colleagues? Learn how to share searches with the copy query link function.
  • Time saving tools: Learn how to save searches and set up alerts.
  • Reveal what’s behind the name. Learn how to see the researcher with Researcher profiles and view extended metrics.
  • When inspiration strikes: Web of Science App (My Researcher Assistant).
  • Questions (15mins)

How to Access the Web of Science:

  1. Make sure you are connecting TMU network.
    Set up the TMU-VPN to remot access
  2. Click the 'WOS' button on the library homepage

Host: Clarivate 

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