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Who can recommend books?
All of TMU and affiliate hospital faculty, staff and students.

Recommended Range

  1. Textbooks
  2. Course reserves
  3. Reference books
  4. General knowledge books / Nonprofessional books

Before you make a request
Please check the Library Catalog before you recommend any book.

>>If you would like to recommend ...


  • Professional Books

    Nonprofessional Books

    Course Reserves

  • Professional Books

  • Application Process

    1. Download and complete the recommendation form recommend form(Excel) recommend form(ODF).
    2. Email the file to the library staff at We will check the copy of the book in the library.
    3. Receive the verification results.
    4. Print out the verified file and have it signed by the director.
    5. Return the signed file to the Information Desk on the 2nd floor.
    6. After the book is purchased, we will send a notification e-mail to the book recommender.

    Please Note

    • Form must be printed out and signed.
    • Book budgets are allocated by the department.

  • Nonprofessional Books


    Application Process

    1. Please connect to the Library Catalog System and log in to your personal account to make a recommendation.
    2. The library staff will check the copy of the book in the library.
    3. After verification by the book commissioner, the books will be purchased.
    4. You will receive the verification results.
    5. After purchasing the book, we will send the notification mail to the book recommender.

    Situations where a purchase may be appropriate

    • Recently published (within last 2 years)
    • Price is lower than NT $2000
    • Not already owned by the TMU library.
    • In accordance with the aim of TMU education

    Situations where a purchase may not be appropriate

    • Out of print or difficult to buy
    • Cost prohibitive
    • Recommend comics, picture books and light novels
    • Document delivery offers better value for money over purchase


    Contact Us
    Ms. Chen
    Tel: (02)2736-1661 ext. 2513


  • Course Reserves

  • Course reserves are course-related materials made available through the TMU Library. You can access a course reserve list directly from the Library Catalog.

    Recommendation Process

    1. Complete the online recommendation form.
    2. We will check the copy of the book in the library.
    3. After purchasing the book, we will place it in the Learning Commons.

    Processing times

    To ensure that reserve request forms are processed in a timely manner and that materials are available to students at the beginning of each semester, please submit your requests at least 4 weeks prior to the start of the semester.


    Contact Us
    Ms. Yu
    Tel: (02) 27361661 ext. 2510


    Last updated: 2023-02-10


Contact Information
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Last Updated:2023-10-04

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