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Rapid ILL

RapidILL is a unique resource sharing system that was designed by the Interlibrary Loan staff at Colorado State University Libraries. It was developed to provide very fast, cost effective article requesting and delivery through Interlibrary Loan.

🟧 Eligible User

Current TMU and affiliate Hospital faculty, students and staff.

🟧 Material Type

Western journal articles only.
Please submit the application to Nationwide Document Delivery Service (NDDS) system to request for other material types.

🟧 Application Process

  1. Check our online Library Catalog and E-Resources System before ordering materials.
  2. Login to the Rapid ILL system.
  3. Complete and submit the request form.
  4. Applicants will be notified by email once the library receives the required material.

🟧 Turnaround Time

Requests sent through Rapid ILL will be filled mostly within 1-3 days on a normal business day. The actual time varies depending on each library’s working schedule. 

🟧 Charges

The service is free for all of current TMU and affiliate hospital faculty, students and staff.

🟧 Please Note

  • Request for photocopies of western journal articles only. Photocopy request for books, conference proceedings, theses and dissertations are not allowed.
  • If the request cannot be fulfilled through Rapid ILL, your application will be returned and you can apply through NDDS system by yourself. The response time of NDDS depends on each library’s working schedule.
  • ISSN and publication year of journals must be included. For journals without ISSN are not possible to be request through Rapid ILL.
  • RAPID ILL is an organization of libraries mainly from the universities in the United States. The journals published in Europe and Asia are less accessible.



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Contact Us
About submitting a request
Reference Desk (Xinyi)
Location: 3F, Comprehensive Medical Building, Rear Building, Xinyi Campus
Tel: (02) 2736-1661 ext. 2515
💬 Line ID: @509milvh

About the process of the request
E-Share Staff
Tel: (02)2736-1661 ext. 2508 


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