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Remote Access

If you are doing research from OFF campus (home, coffee shop, etc.) then you must login before you can access any of our electronic materials.

▲Connect through TMU SSL-VPN

Office of Information Technology provides VPN software (Forticlent) for TMU users.

>> Please visit the website of the Office of IT to download the VPN software.

How to setup TMU VPN??

Please download the setting manual from the Office of Information Technology. 


Tech Support Available
Office of Information Technology
Phone: (02) 6620-2589 #10300


Please Note

  • If you have any problems with VPN software, please contact the Office of IT. You will get correct and rapid assistance.
  • Due to licensing restrictions by our database vendors, we are unable to provide access to non-active students and staff.
  • Only current TMU students, staff and faculty may use the online databases from off-campus locations.
  • Alumni and visitor who comes to the library can use our databases.

Contact Us
Reference Desk
Location: 3F, Comprehensive Medical Building, Rear Building
Tel: (02) 2736-1661 #2515



Updated 2021-05-19


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