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The Taipei Medical University Library (TMUL) was established in 1962. It was originally located in the Mu-Shan Learning Center with an area of only 500 m2. In 2004, the library was moved to the United Medical building with an area of 3,300 m2 where it currently contains about 150,000 volumes of books and bound journals within its collection. In addition to circulation services, the library also provides high quality information services such as reference services, inter-library loans, and library instruction. Over the years, two branches of the library have been opened in Wan-Fan Hospital (1997) and Shuang-Ho Hospital (2008). Each has an area of 360 m2. The TMUL’s award-winning reputation is gaining recognition and branching out.


To support education and research, the library integrates information sessions with specific majors, holds many activities and contests, carries more than 10 copies of newspapers and 163 titles of magazines on any given day, and runs a variety of book and fine art exhibitions all year round. The TMUL encourages users to make good use of the library’s resources and expects this environment to be the best possible place for patrons to enjoy themselves while they are here.


TMU Library Located in the Xin-Yi District, in the heartland of downtown Taipei, TMUL strives to provide the best quality of service in medical research and education. It contains plenty of academic electronic resources while continuously improving the quality and quantity of services to fulfill every patron’s needs. Currently, the library has subscriptions to around 17,000 e-Journal titles, 90,000 e-books, and 120 different e-Databases. All of the electronic resources can be accessed via the Electronic Resources Management system. With the establishment of the “Digital Library,” all TMUL patrons can use the electronic resources wherever they are, whenever they want.


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Taipei Medical University Library
Address:250 Wuxing St. Taipei 11031
TEL:886-2-27361661 #2514-2515
Last Updated:2023-06-06

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