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Establishment Date

February 1962

Building History
  1. 1962-1974:
    The former site of Musan Dormitory, with an area of approximately 495 sqm, includes a book repository, a periodical room, and a reading room.
  2. 1975-1983:
    The second floor of the Administrative Building (now the Oral Medicine Building) has an area of approximately 560 sqm.
  3. 1984-2003:
    Xing-Chun Building, with an area of approximately 1,170 sqm.
  4. 1997.02:
    Wan Fang Hospital Library on the 5th floor of Wan Fang Hospital, with an area of approximately 350 sqm.
  5. 2004-present:
    2nd to 4th floors of the Comprehensive Medical Building, with an area of approximately 3,300 sqm.
  6. August 2008:
    Establishment of the Shuang Ho Hospital Library on B1 floor of the Medical Building, with an area of approximately 350 sqm.
  7. September 2015:
    Relocation of Wan Fang Hospital Library to B1 floor of the hospital's rear dormitory.
  8. April 2023:
    TMU Shuangho Library (formerly Shuang Ho Hospital Library) relocation to the 7th floor of the Teaching & Research Building at the Shuangho campus, with an area of approximately 420 sqm.
Service Targets

Includes faculty, staff, and students of Taipei Medical University, as well as medical and administrative personnel from affiliated hospitals (including TMU Hospital, Wan Fang Hospital, Shuang Ho Hospital, and Hsin Kuo Min Hospital). 


Book borrowing service, reading service, database tutorials, library instruction, reference consultation, interlibrary loan, document delivery service, course reserve, inter-campus loan, etc.

Reading Seats
  • Taipei Medical University Library includes a total of approximately 638 seats, including six-seater, four-seater, single-seater, and sofa options.
  • Wan Fang Library has 58 seats.
  • Shuang Ho Library has 70 seats.
Previous Supervisors
  • In November 1962, the Office of General Affairs established the “Division of Library Equipment and Transportation” led by Mr. Wang Guo-Xiong.

  • In February 1962, the library was established under the jurisdiction of the Office of Academic Affairs:
    • The first director (1963-1965), Professor Jia Kai, with 2 librarians.
    • The second director (1966-1967), Associate Professor Li Jian-Nan, with 2 librarians.
    • The third director (1968.02-1973.07), Professor Chen Jin-Tu, with 3 librarians. 
    • The fourth director (1973.08-1982.07), Professor Qiu Si-Min, with 3-4 librarians.
    • The fifth director (1982.08-1990.07), Ms. Wei Zhao-Qin, with 4-6 librarians.

  • In August 1986, the library was elevated to a first-level unit:
    • The first director (1986.08-1993.02):
      Professor Wei Zhao-Qin, with 6 librarians.
    • The second director (1993.03-1993.07):
      Professor Lu Mei-Xiu, with 7 librarians. 
    • The third director (1993.08-1995.10):
      Associate Professor Su Qing-Hhua, with 7 librarians. 
    • The fourth director (1995.11-2003.09):
      Professor Chen Ji-Ming, with 11 librarians.
    • The fifth director (2003.10-2005.07):
      Associate Professor Chen Jian-Zhi, with 12 librarians.
    • The sixth director (2005.08-2008.01):
      Professor Chen Shou-Cheng, with 12 librarians; retired in January 2007.
    • From February 2008 to September 2008, Professor Chiu Tzu-Heng (associate director), served as the acting director until the end of the term.
    • The seventh director (2008.09-2010.01):
      Professor Han Bo- Cheng, with 13 librarians. The Shuang Ho Hospital Library was established.
    • The eighth director (2010.02-2012.01):
      Professor Huang Shih-Yi, with 13 librarians.
    • The ninth director (2012.02-2017.03):
      Professor Chou Kuei-Ru, with 17 librarians.o From April 2017 to July 2017, Ms. Huang Su-Yin, Associate Director, served as the acting director until the end of the term. 
    • The tenth director (2017.08-present):
      Professor Chiu Tzu-Heng, with 17 librarians.



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