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The library collects all TMU theses and dissertations in electronic format. You are required to submit a copy of the approved version of your thesis in PDF format, which must be an exact copy of the printed version.

This guide provides information on how to submit your thesis to the library after it has been examined at TMU.


  • Step 1. Document Preparation

    Step 2. Thesis/Dissertation Submission

    Step 3. Library Review

    Modification Request

  • Step 1. Document Preparation

  • Part 1 

    Prepare the necessary documentation, including the following

    1. Graduate Thesis Certification
    2. Application for Embargo of Thesis/Dissertation (required only by whom need to postpone the publication)

    *Make sure that the documents (above) and your thesis/dissertation have the same title.

    Part 2

    For the format of e-theses, you have to...

    1. Convert your thesis file to PDF file(s)
      • You can save the document in PDF format. Or you can convert it using a PDF editor.
      • How to do : 
    2. Scan the required document(s) (mentoned in step 1) and merge them into ONE file with your thesis or dissertation.
      • Both the Xin-Yi and Shuang-Ho campuses have scanners in the library. Ask our staff if you cannot locate them.
      • How to do : 
    3. Add TMU watermark to PDF file
    4.  Add security permissions to your thesis/dissertation.
      • Encrypt your file with 'Owner Password' instead of 'User Password'.
      • How to do: 
        • Windows (pdf)
        • Macintosh (video)
          Preview app in Monterey  (12.x) or later version lets you create an owner/permissions password.

    • About PDF Tool
      • For Windows users: 
        1. PDFill (a free PDF editing tool) is available from the Office of Information Technology.
          → Go to the download page.
        2. Please note that PDFill is Windows only and is not compatible with MAC systems. 
        3. PDFill is installed on computers in the library at both the Xin-Yi and Shuang-Ho campuses. Please feel free to use it.

      • For Mac users:
        Preview app in Monterey  (12.x) or later version lets you create an owner/permissions password and pick which elements of a PDF may be modified.


  • Step 2. Thesis/Dissertation Submission

  • To submit your thesis to the Library by the deadline dates and times, you must complete the following steps.

    How to do?

    1. Login the Electronic Thesis/Dissertation System .
    2. Click "Register" on the left, enter the TMU E-mail account ID and password on the page that came up. 
    3. Fill out the basic information of your thesis/dissertation.
    4. Upload your PDF file.
    5. Select the options for your Copyright License Agreement.
    6. Print out & upload authorization letter.
    7. Submit.
      ※This will take approximately 10–20 minutes.
      ※Download the Self-Assessment Checklist for Electronic Thesis Review


    Related Document: Guidelines for Thesis/Dissertation Submission Guidelines for Thesis/Dissertation Submission(pdf)[ , TMU Fall Semester 2023 Graduation Timetable (form Office of Academic Affairs)
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  • Step 3. Library Review

    1. Once the file is uploaded, it will be reviewed by the auditor within three business days.
    2. You will be notified if any modify needed.
      1. When you receive a notification letter of verification with the content showing "Pass", you can print this version of the printed thesis/dissertation.
      2. When you receive a notification letter of verification with the content showing “cause of failure”, please correct the errors as soon as possible and upload the PDF file back to Electronic Thesis/Dissertation System. Then, please wait for another audit. If there are many theses/dissertations to be reviewed, you must wait for 1 to 3 working days until you receive the approval letter. 
    3. Please print the authorized agreement from the Electronic Thesis/Dissertation System.
    4. Sign the Authorized Agreement (download from the Electronic Thesis/Dissertation System)
    5. After autographing, please scan and upload the signed Agreement to the Academic & Student Affairs Information System

  • Modification Request

  • If you need to modify your thesis/dissertation after the upload is completed and receive a notification letter of approval, please follow these procedures:

    1. Download the ‘Dissertations and Theses Modification Request Form’ for modification of the thesis registration data or file.
    2. Fill out and sign the form.
      (Be sure to complete the "Application for Modification and Swap of Dissertation", both handwriting signatures are required by you and the Advisor professor)
    3. Then deliver to the Information Desk on the second floor or email the electronic file of the application to The subject must include your name and student ID, otherwise it will not be accepted.
    4. Once the system has responded, the new version of the thesis/dissertation PDF file must be configured with security measures and a watermark. Upload it to Taipei Medical University Electronic These and Dissertations System, then submit it for review.



    Related Document: Dissertations and Theses Modification Request Form Dissertations and Theses Modification Request Form(pdf) 
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