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About Scholarly Communication

The scope of services for Scholarly Communication is including Institutional Repository, TMU Academic Hub / Pure Experts, Submission Promotion of Open Access, Academic Influence Research Gate and application of ORCID services, the description is as follow:

  • TMU Academic Hub / Pure Experts

    Institutional Repository

    Submit to Open Access

    Research Gate, ORCID

    Indicators for research evaluation

    Writing Principles of Submission Unit

  • TMU Academic Hub / Pure Experts

  • Taipei Medical University Academic Hub / Pure Experts, developed in January, 2016 connect in series Scopus to present research performance of researchers.



    Contact Us
    Ms. Lee
    Tel: (02) 2736-1661 ext.2509

  • Institutional Repository

  • Taipei Medical University Institutional Repository & ePublications, developed in August, 2009 is including the catalog of entire school academic administration, intramural publications, the journal paper of TMU and TMU Hospital authorized by faculty, conference paper, speech draft, theses and dissertations, project report, monograph, school publications, student learning outcomes, teaching material, and posters.



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    Ms. Huang
    Tel: (02) 2736-1661 ext.2522

  • Research Gate, ORCID

  • To increase the visibility of researchers online, you can run and interaction with academic communities (e.g. Research Gate); improve literature citation and cooperative research; or create an author ID (e.g. Research Gate) to establish personal academic materials and present their academic contributions and achievements fully.

    Related Link: Research Visibility


    Contact Us
    Ms. Huang
    Tel: (02) 2736-1661 ext.2522

  • Indicators for research evaluation

  • Through the introduction of indicators and resources, understand how to use traditional indicators (bibliometric) and altmetrics to evaluate research impact.


    Bibliometrics is the use of statistical methods to analyze books, articles and other publications. Bibliometrics analyses the impact of research outputs using quantitative measures.


    Altmetrics lets us measure and monitor the reach and impact of scholarship and research through online interaction. Simply, altmetrics are metrics beyond traditional citations.


    Related Link: Indicators for research evaluation   


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    About Using Database
    Reference Desk
    Location: 3F, Comprehensive Medical Building, Rear Building
    Tel: (02) 2736-1661 ext.2515

    About indications
    Ms. Siao  
    Tel: (02) 2736-1661 ext.2517

  • Writing Principles of Submission Unit

  • According to the Office of Research and Development official document regarding the faculty of TMU and TMU Hospital submit to SCI, SSCI, EI and A&HCI journal paper on June 26, 2016, please obey the “Author’s position Writing Principles”. If your thesis/dissertation that haven’t published in accordance with principles will not be included in the basis of the application of the thesis/dissertation incentive, merit pay and promotion application.

    Related Document: Writing Principles of Submission Unit pdf
    English Name of the TMU System Unit English Name of the TMU System Unit(Excel),  English Name of the TMU System Unit(ODF)


    Contact Us
    Office of Research and Development Research Promotion Center (R.P.C.)
    Tel: (02) 2736-1661 #7111


    Updated 2021-04-26

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