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Who can recommend journals?

Leisure journals: all of TMU and affiliate hospital faculty, staff and students.
Professional journals: recommend through the department subscription survey from the library every two years.

>>If you would like to recommend...


  • Professional journals

    Leisure Journals

  • Professional journals

  • Recommend ‘Professional journals’…

     Since 2020.1, the library has launched the service of " Professional journals Recommendation e-Form".
     ※Limit to filling out E-Journals (Not Collections).

    Dear Professors/ Physicians,

    Have you ever encountered the situation that there are some E-Journals that is used very often or important for you, but there’s no collections in library? Through the Professional journals Recommendation e-Form, you can transfer your needs to the library instantly and quickly.

    After receiving the recommended messages of journals from this form, the library will conduct the following year’s professional journals recommendation survey. To assign the librarians of departments/units (library representative) to compile and reply the recommendation list (including sorting) to the library for reference.

    *Please note*
    According to the procurement schedule, the recommendation will be made between January and August, and the next year can be ordered (if the recommendation is confirmed). If the recommendation is made between September and December, it will be ordered in the year after next.

    Survey Period

     From 2020, the periodical survey will be conducted once every two years. Next will be conducted in 2021.

    Application Process

    1. The library staff provides the current subscripted titles and recommendation form to the library representative by email.
    2. The library representative survey the needs of belonging unit and report the total amounts needed to the library.
    3. Two Ways to reply the recommendation:
      1. Maintain previous year’s recommendation and ranking:
        Only reply to the survey email and put the director on copy
      2. Add, delete journal or sort adjustments:
        Print out the recommendation file and the director has to sign off on it. Submit the original copies of the recommended form to the library. Or reply by email with scan file or taking a picture. 


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    Contact Us

    Main Library
    Ms. Hsu, Phone: (02)2736-1661 ext.2502, Email:
    TMU Hospital
    Ms. Chien, Phone: (02)2736-1661 ext.2519, Email:
    Wan Fang Hospital
    Ms. Huang, Phone: (02)2930-7930 ext. 8913, Email:<
    Shuang Ho Hospital
    Ms. Chang, Phone: (02)2249-0088 ext.8933, Email:


  • Leisure Journals

  • Recommend ‘Leisure Journals’…

    Application Process

    1. Download and fill out the recommendation file.
    2. Send the file to the library staff via email: The library will verify in the library monthly meeting.
    3. The library will subscribe the recommended title next year.

    Please Note

    Journal usage will also be evaluated as a future purchase, therefore, please make more use of the journal.

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    Contact Us
    Ms. Wang
    Phone: (02)2736-1661 ext.2506


    Updated 2020-06-10


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