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  • Reader Services Section

    Technical Services Section

    Knowledge Services Section

Reader Services Section

Job Title Name Contact information Introduction
Section Chief Jiu-Wen Chen
  • #2518
  • Responsibility
    -Leadership, communication, and coordination of the Reader Services Section
    -Associated administrative business within the section
    -Multimedia related
     -Multimedia Resources Purchase
     -Multimedia Resources curation and promotion
    -Reading Behavior Related
     -Management of library reading seats
     -Management of library space borrowing
     -Handling of reader behavior / Management of seat preoccupy (monitor access included)
    -Contact person for the Higher Education Sprout Project (Library part)
Member Jia-Jun Chen
  • #2512
  • Responsibility
    -Preservation, transfer, shelve, withdrawal of the book/multimedia
    -Items Finding Service
    -Restoring books and maintenance of chip conversion
    -Curatorial promotion for the physical book
    -Inventory, weeding, withdrawal, and scrapping of physical collections (books/multimedia)
    -Planning, renovation, and management of library space
    -Contact person for fire, earthquake and disaster prevention
    -Contact person for Environmental Protection and Occupational Safety (Library)
Member Cheng-Yi Lin
  • #2511
  • Responsibility
    -Management of Information Desk
    -Circulation business related
     -Borrow, return and renew books/multimedia
     -Handle unpaid fines and lost items
     -Issuance of Library Card
     -Establishment and management of reader files in circulation systems
    -Procedures for leaving the school
    -Inter-library loan related
     -Book pass between Xinyi campus and Shuangho campus / Wang-Fang Hospital
     -Interlibrary Borrow-Returning Service of USTP
    -Contact person for ELECT
Member Li-Ting Chien
  • #2519
  • Responsibility
    -Maintain and manage Thesis / Dissertation System(ETDS)
    -Offer and assist TMU Hospital readers library-related services/matters.
Member Yu-Ting Huang
  • (02)2930-7930 #8913
  • Responsibility
    -Offer and assist TMU Wanfang Hospital readers library-related services/matters.
Member Eva Hsu
  • (02)6620-2589 #10700
  • Responsibility
    -To support the services of the TMU Shuangho Library and related matters.

Technical Services Section

Job Title Name Contact information Introduction
Section Chief Shawna Shen
  • #2507
  • Responsibility
    -Leadership, communication and coordination of the Technical Services Section
    -Acquisition of the databases
    -Procurement, enabling and maintenance of the databases and e-books
    -Management & maintenance of Digital Cloud Book Wall
Member Yu-Ching Chen
  • #2513
  • Responsibility
    -Collection acquisition
    -Acquisition of the E-books
    -Verify professional books purchased by individual units
Member Yueh-Ling Wang
  • #2506
  • Responsibility
    -Print journals’ acquisitions, check-in, binding
    -Interlibrary loan / Rapid ILL / NDDS
Member Li-Chuan Huang
  • #2504
  • Responsibility
    -Maintenance of the Library's bibliographic database

Knowledge Services Section

Job Title Name Contact information Introduction
Section Chief Shu-Yuan Siao
  • #2517
  • Responsibility
    -Leadership, communication and coordination of the Knowledge Services Section
    -Maintain and analyze Research Performance Index System (RPIS)
    -Analyze statistics of TMU SCI/SSCI papers
Member Chi-Ju Chiu
  • #2505
  • Responsibility
    -Manage Di-Lib Consortium Project
    -Database training course
    -Contact person for the University System of Taipei(Library part)
Member Yu-Ying Lee
  • #2509
  • Responsibility
    -Maintain and manage Research Performance Index System (RPIS)
    -Collect TMU and Affiliate Hospital Outstanding Research Papers
    -Maintain TMU Academic Hub (College of Medicine)
Member Hsiao-Fen Yu
  • #2510
  • Responsibility
    -Reference Services
    -Database training course / Course-Related Instruction
    -Course reserves acquisition
    -Preliminary Check Service for Predatory Journal
    -Website Manager
Member Ya-Fang Hsiao
  • #2522
  • Responsibility
    -Maintain TMU Institutional Repository System
    -Open access (OA) promotion
    -Database training course
    -Member of TMU International Taskforce Section
Member Daisy Wang
  • #2523
  • Responsibility
    -Maintain TMU Academic Hub
    -Management of library facilities
    -Database training course

Contact Information

TMU Library - Xinyi
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TMU Library - SH
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