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Before downloading EndNote…

  • The library only provides ‘EndNote’ and ‘Reference Manager’.
    If you would like to download MS Office, SPSS, SAS or other software, please visit the website of Office of Information Technology.

    Phone: (02) 6638-2736 ext.1600, E-mail:
  • Please download these programs inside of TMU’s or affiliate hospital’s network.
  • This service is provided to current TMU / affiliate hospital faculty, students and staff.
  • Please connect to TMU-VPN before you visit the download page off campus.

  • Download & install


    Other support

  • Download & install

  • Notification about installing EndNote

    For Windows

    1. EndNote 21 and 20 is compatible with Windows 10/11 and we do not recommend running it with any older versions of Windows.
    2. Make sure the compressed file (.zip) is extracted exactly.

     For Macintosh

    1. Some customers with M1 machines have reported an error message stating that Word can’t load an add-in. The workaround for this is to set Word to open with Rosetta. Click HERE to solve the problem.
      > Resource: EndNote: Apple M1 chip compatibility 


    Please note:
    We have rebuilt the server. Please make sure you connect to the TMU network before entering the download page. If you are not on the TMU campus, don't forget to connect to the TMU VPN first. (2023-10-02)


    The latest version you can download:

    • Windows: EndNote 21
    • Mac: EndNote 21

    After installing EndNote, the latest version you may upgrade: 

    • EndNote 21
      • Windows: EndNote 21.1
      • Mac: EndNote 21.01
    • EndNote 20.4
      • Windows: EndNote 20.5
      • Mac: EndNote 20.5
    • EndNote X9
      • Windows: EndNote X9.3
      • Mac: EndNote X9.3
    • EndNote X8
      • Windows: EndNote X8.2
      • Mac: EndNote X8.2
    • EndNote X7
      • Windows: EndNote X7.8
      • Mac: EndNote X7.8

  • Instruction


    1. Small group instruction
      -At least 5 persons.
      -Location: please check the mail reply by the library staff
      Service detail and application form 

    2. Online learning resources

  • Other support



    Contact Us
    Reference Desk
    Location: 3F, Comprehensive Medical Building (Rear Building), Xinyi Campus
    Tel: (02) 2736-1661 #2515
    Line ID: @509milvh


    Last updated: 2023-10-02


Contact Information
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