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Reading Seats

In order to cooperate with the real-name system for epidemic prevention measures, on-site registration and allocation of seats for the entire TMU Library during the control period will be implemented. 

How to register the seat

  1. Confirm the number of the seat you would like to book first.
    2F (A zone)
    A區座位示意圖 W區座位示意圖 
    Q區座位示意圖 R區座位示意圖

  2. Use the machine in the library to register the seat for the day.
    • Tab a valid library card or enter the TMU ID/password in the space management system to register the seat.


  1. Every using time is from the moment of booking to the day when the Library is closed. 
  2. Please register the seat when entering the library. 
  3. Use the "Change Seat" function for changing seats.
  4. If you leave the Library, the seat will automatically be vacated. Do not forget your personal belongings. If you need the seat, please re-register.
  5. Use the "Temporarily Leave/Back" function to reserve a seat when leaving the library (retain for 60 minutes).
  6. It can’t be made registration of the same type resources at the same time(e.g., Reading Seats, Discussion Rooms).


Updated: 2022-09-13


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