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E-Learning Lab

The E-Learning Lab of TMU Library is basically for database and library resources training sessions. TMU faculty and students can use the computers here when there is no training course.

🟠 Who can use

Current TMU students, staff, faculty, and employees of TMU's affiliated hospitals.

🟠 Location

4F, Comprehensive Medical Building, Rear Building, Xinyi Campus

🟠 How to register a seat in the e-Learning Lab?

  1. Identify the seat number you want to borrow.
  2. Use the computer at the classroom's entrance to access the seat management system.
  3. Tap your TMU student/employee card.
  4. Choose the seat number.


  • If you are the staff of affiliate hospital, please use any ID card with your picture to book the seat at the Information Desk on the 2nd floor.

🟠 Rules for Use

  • The lab can be used for multimedia group screenings if no training isarranged. For screenings for more than 20 people, the lab may be usedfor a maximum of 2 hours from Monday to Friday between 9:00 and17:00.
  • The lab is open for use outside the education training and multimediagroup screening hours. 

  • Each borrowing session is one hour long. You can manually extend the borrowing period if there are no reservations for the seat when the time expires.

  • If you need to borrow headphones, please bring a valid TMU ID Card to the service desk on the second level.

  • Alumni, library members, and external visitors who want computer access should go to the third floor's Information Retrieval Area.
  • Unacceptable uses of the computer include interfering with other people's work, using it for personal financial gain, gambling, and taking part in illegal activities or actions that go against university rules and regulations.

  • Recreational activities such as gaming are not permitted at peak hours when computer workstations are in high demand.



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