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Courtesy Reminder


  • ▲Readers’ Entry Requirements

    ▲In-Library Reading

    ▲Friendly Reminder

    ▲Prohibited Conduct

  • ▲Readers’ Entry Requirements

    • On-campus readers should enter the library with valid identification by the school or the library.
    • External visitors’ age must be at least 20. (Undergraduate students under 20 can enter the library by exchanging his/her school’s student ID card for library admission card.) To exchange for admission card, you have to bring your ID card with personal picture on it to the Information Desk and fill in the documents.
    • The library has limited reading seats, therefore only 10 external visitors can enter the library at the same time.

  • ▲In-Library Reading

    • Please abide by the rules as to maintain the reading environment and the quality of the library service.
    • Do not wear slippers, bring food and pets to the library.
    • Please lower your volume as to respect other readers.
    • Please turn off the phone or turn it to vibrate mode. If you need to use the phone, please go to the pantry room (do not forget to lower your sound).
    • Do not put personal belongings in the library, the library does not take any responsibility to keep it.
    • Please comply with the copyright law when using the collections of books, electronic resources or online resources in the library - do not download or copy large amounts of material, if illegal, please be responsible.
    • Please do not take books and other materials outside the library without borrowing it.

  • ▲Friendly Reminder

    • Personal items should be kept in a safe place to prevent theft.
    • Lost or find something, please contact the Information Desk on the 2nd floor.
    • Also, the library will keep the found item for a week and will send it to Office of Student Affairs, please check the item at the Office of Student Affairs.
      Office of Student Affairs’ school extension number: 2260 ~ 2265.

  • ▲Prohibited Conduct

    • Ensuring a pleasant and productive environment for study and research for all users requires that each user of the library follows the Library Conduct Policy.
    • People who trigger library theft detection systems may be required to open any bags or pocketbooks for inspection.
    • Anyone who act prohibited acts will get a point.
      Once getting two points,
      • In-school user: he/she will lead to a penalty that could mean loss of borrowing privileges.
      • External visitor: we will suspend his/her library privilege for six months.
    • If there is someone get three points, we may, in accordance with the severity of the violation, report to Office of Student Affairs or campus police.

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