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Courtesy Reminder


  • ▲Readers’ Entry Requirements

    ▲In-Library Reading

    ▲Friendly Reminder

    ▲Prohibited Conduct

  • ▲Readers’ Entry Requirements

    • Due to the library's limited seating, only 10 off-campus visitors are allowed at a time.
    • Off-campus visitors need to be at least 20 years old.
    • College students under 20 can swap their student ID for an admission card.
    • Visitors may get a temporary library card at the Information Desk after providing their personal information. Those who do not fill in their details may be denied entry to the library. 

  • ▲In-Library Reading

    • Visitors must abide by the library's rules, and those who violate them may be permanently banned from the library.

    • Please dress appropriately when in the library.

    • Avoid bringing food, snacks, uncapped drinks, animals, wet umbrellas and rainwear into the library.

    • Smoking and entering restricted areas is not permitted.

    • Do not to speak or read aloud in the library.

    • Keep mobile phones, pagers, and other communication devices on silent or off in the library to maintain a peaceful environment. Use them only in designated areas to maintain a quiet atmosphere in the library.
      Do not leave your personal belongings in the library, as the library is not responsible for their safekeeping.

    • Follow copyright rules while using books, electronic resources, or online material in the library. Refrain from downloading or copying large amounts of material, and take responsibility if it's against the law.

    • Kindly refrain from taking books and other materials out of the library without properly borrowing them.

  • ▲Friendly Reminder

    • Personal items should be kept in a safe place to prevent theft.
    • Lost or find something, please contact the Information Desk on the 2nd floor.
    • Also, the library will keep the found item for a week and will send it to Office of Student Affairs, please check the item at the Office of Student Affairs.
      Office of Student Affairs’ school extension number: 2260 ~ 2265.

  • ▲Prohibited Conduct

    • Ensuring a pleasant and productive environment for study and research for all users requires that each user of the library follows the Library Conduct Policy.
    • People who trigger library theft detection systems may be required to open any bags or pocketbooks for inspection.
    • Anyone who act prohibited acts will get a point.
      Once getting two points,
      • In-school user: he/she will lead to a penalty that could mean loss of borrowing privileges.
      • External visitor: we will suspend his/her library privilege for six months.
    • If there is someone get three points, we may, in accordance with the severity of the violation, report to Office of Student Affairs or campus police.

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