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Discussion Rooms

TMU Library: Discussion Room

Starting from 2009 fall semester, TMU Library followed the concept of learning commons to set up some projectors in the medium and large discussion rooms as the “presentation practice room” to provide multifunctional discussion space.

🟠 Who can apply

Current TMU students, staff, faculty, and employees of TMU's affiliated hospitals.

🟠 Location

2F & 3F, Comprehensive Medical Building, Rear Building, Xinyi Campus

🟠 Regarding the discussion room

Depending on the size of the Discussion Room, it can accommodate four to six or eight users, details of the room are as follows:

  Small Medium Large
 Location 2F 2F 3F
 Room number #2, #4 #1, #3 #5, #6
 Projector x v Only #5
 Capacity 3 persons 6 persons 10 persons
 Minimum number of user 2 persons 3 persons 5 persons


🟠 How to book or reserve the discussion room?

  • Step 1. Confirm participants and time period
  • Step 2. Make an appointment online 
  • Step 3. Everyone must arrive on time to complete the registration at the registration machine. 
  • Step 4. Get started

    How to book a discussion room(Click to enlarge the image)


🟠 Rules

  1. Reservations can be made a week prior to the usage period. Schedule an on-line appointment with the minimum number of borrowers in the discussion room.
  2. Please note that everyone must arrive on time to complete the registration at the registration machine. Upon arrival, the applicant must complete the registration first, and then the others continue to register. The appointment is reserved for 15 minutes only. Please complete the registration within the time allowed, otherwise, the place will be released.
  3. Discussion rooms may be scheduled for three hours per day.
  4. If you need to extend the loan period, please register the room again before 15 minutes or make another online appointment.
  5. If the booking time for discussion rooms changes, please make the modifications in the system before the planned time to prevent disrupting the following booking privileges.
  6. If you are required to change the borrowing time, please re-book and cancel your original booking record. No reservation can be made for more than one place at the same time by the same person.
  7. Please do not leave rubbish here, given a better environment for others.
  8. Return public properties (whiteboard pen, and chairs, etc.) back.
  9. When using a discussion room, if you need the fan remote control, monitor cable device, please visit the Information Desk.


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Location: 2F, Comprehensive Medical Building, Rear Building, Xinyi Campus


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