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"Med Journal" Free download till Feb 28 2022
[Trials] 2021-12-20


Trial expires: Feb 28, 2022

Med is Cell Press’s flagship medical journal sitting alongside trusted and authoritative science journals including Cell, Chem, and Joule. Med publishes rigorously vetted clinical and pre-clinical translational research in all areas of contemporary medicine, as well as state-of-the-art review and perspective articles. Med’s mission is to accelerate the translation of bench research to the clinic by providing a communication forum for the exchange of knowledge, fresh ideas, and thought leadership among researchers, clinicians, biotech/pharma scientists, and health policy experts. Our goal is to sustainably and ethically improve global health.

How to Access the resource:

  1. Login the E-resources system
  2. Search "Med"

Contact Information
Taipei Medical University Library
Address:250 Wuxing St. Taipei 11031
TEL:886-2-27361661 #2514-2515
Last Updated:2022-12-05

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