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FAQ / Turnitin: Plagiarism checker

FAQ [Instructor] How to delete a paper from the Turnitin database

** Instructor Only.

Follow the steps below to send a deletion request to TMU Turnitin administrator.

Step 1. 
Navigate to the assignment with the paper you'd like to delete.

Step 2.
Select ONE
paper you'd like to delete.
Paper deletions must be requested one at a time to prevent accidentally deleting papers unintentionally.

Step 3-4.
Click 《Delete》button and choose 《Request permanent deletion》.

permanent deletion

Step 5.
Give a reason for the deletion. Next, type "Delete" and use the Confirm button to send the request.

Request permanent deletion

The administrator will process your deletion request on working days.
Please log in to the Turnitin to confirm the document status (be deleted or not) within one working day after sending the request.
pending deletion

If it is urgent, please send the deletion request from the system first, and then contact us, we will process it urgently*.
*Weekdays Only.

Contact information
TMUL Reference Desk

Service hours: Monday - Friday 10:00–13:00 and 13:30-17:00
Location: 3F, Comprehensive Medical Building, Rear Building
Line ID: @509milvh

(Last updated: 2022-04-15)

[Turnitin原創性比對工具] 2022-04-15

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