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FAQ [Instructor] How to submitting via quick submit

**Instructor only.

Activating quick submit first.

Step 1.
Click User Info from the top of the instructor homepage.

Step 2. 
On the preferences page, select yes from the activate quick submit drop-down. menu.
Turnitin: quick submit-1+2

Step 3. 
The quick submit tab will appear on the instructor homepage, making the quick submit inbox available for use.
Turnitin: quick submit-3

Step 4. 
Click on Submit button in the top left corner of the quick submit inbox.
Turnitin: quick submit-4

Step 5. 
Select the databases that the submitted paper or papers will be checked against.
Select "Search the internet" and "Search periodicals, journals, & publications".
From the 'Submit Papers to:' drop-down box, please choose "no repository". ←very important!
Turnitin: quick submit-5

Step 6. 
You are now able to upload to Turnitin using any of the methods you'll already be familiar with.
Turnitin: quick submit-6

(Last updated: 2022-05-11)

[Turnitin原創性比對工具] 2022-05-11

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